Simple flowers for Valentine’s Day

While some people like to go all out when it comes to buying flowers for Valentine’s Day, others look for something a little bit more on the modest side. Many agree that less really is more and your partner will usually care less about how expensive the gift was if you offer quality time along with it. Not to mention the important fact of presentation. Even cheap flowers can look like a million bucks if they are presented in the right way.

For a classic approach, you might be inclined to buy a bunch of red roses. Red roses are by far the most popular choice for this occasion since they symbolise love and passion. That said, due to the great demand for these flowers, their prices tend to become rather high around Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you chould opt for a bud arrangement instead. Bud arrangements are those that consist of a single perfect flower in a slender vase. A single red rose will send a message of love without breaking the bank.

If you have taken a walk around your nearby mall lately, you will also notice how store owners have decorated their windows and the whole store with red decorations. You may see hearts here and there as well as cupid making the rounds. Red is the most popular colour when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. Of course, if you want to stray from the traditional, you can choose something like pink instead. You could even choose your Valentine’s favourite colour if you want to show them just how much you really pay attention to their preferences!

The key really is simplicity. In addition, if you are keeping your flowers simple, you should also choose a simple vase. Clear glass vases are classic beauties perfect for any bouquet while a black or white ceramic vase will also work really well. If you struggle to find the perfect vase, you can have your florist wrap the bouquet up in decorative paper instead.

It’s also good to remember that the biggest bunch of flowers is not necessarily the best option for everyone. They might be perfect if your Valentine has a large living room where they can be enjoyed. If they live in a relatively compact or small home, then you should consider a smaller floral declaration of love. Whenever in doubt, remember your favourite florist will be more than happy to help you make the perfect pick!