Top flowers to pair with roses for a romantic bouquet

Roses are the top flowers for Valentine’s Day and for many other occasions too. Of course, not all bouquets need to consist strictly of this one type of flower. If you would like to spruce things up but you’re not too sure about the best blooms to pair with your roses, here are some ideas.


Lilies make an excellent pair for roses. In most cases, due to their size, you can be sure that the lilies will take on the role of focal flowers and your roses will be perceived more as mass and fillers for the bouquet. This should not be seen as a something negative, however. Lilies are also known for their sweet smell which is great if your roses do not have a strong perfume.


Another sweet-smelling flower that is perfect for pairing with roses. These are one of the top flowers to pair because of the fact that they allow roses to really shine and they are loved for their amazing scent. Available in various colours, you can take your pick based on the colour scheme you wish to create.


If you want long-lasting flowers that will create a wonderful contrast in terms of texture, carnations are your best bet. They are approximately the same size as roses which means that you will not really have a single type of focal flower in this arrangement. You can pair red carnations with red roses or you can choose dark pink roses and pair them with light pink carnations for added contrast. Simply look online for inspiration if you feel like you’re out of ideas.


Daisies are top flowers for many occasions and they are almost the direct opposite of roses when it comes to their appearance. They do not have such densely arranged petals and they have a far larger diameter. Their open appearance makes them an excellent choice as mass or filler flowers.

Baby’s breath

If you want to skip the mass flowers in your arrangement and simply opt for focal and filler flowers, pair roses with baby’s breath. Red roses and pink roses both look lovely when paired with baby’s breath. These tiny filler flowers are excellent for giving the arrangement that full appearance and they add amazing texture too.

These are just a few of the top flowers that you can pair with roses for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Remember, you are not limited to just one of these pairings. You can pair roses with lilies and carnations, for example, and you will enjoy an even more dynamic flower display!