Amazing! Over half a million flowers make stunning Carpet !

Belgian Flower Carpet is completed

A carpet made up of over 600,000 begonias has been unveiled in Belgium’s capital city Brussels. Among the gothic styled buildings and cathedrals is a huge flower carpet that pays tribute to African art.

The 600,000 flower design was created by over 120 volunteers who made the carpet on the Grand Place. It took almost four hours for the flower carpet to be completed. The flower carpet is created from locally grown flowers from Ghent area and the flowers are carefully chosen for their quality, durability and bold colours. The carpet is planned a year in advance. It has added some much needed colour to the historical capital city.

It was created as a tribute to African tapestry weavers and the 1,800 square metre artwork is predicted to be viewed by more than 100,000 people this weekend. Patterns from African countries Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon and Botswana were included on the carpet.

A flower carpet first appeared in the Belgian capital in 1971 and it is re-created to a new theme every two years. Landscape architect E.Stautemans first conceived the enormous work of art. Every flower carpet that is made is based on a different theme, ranging from commemorations of historic events to recreations of the towns coat of arms.

The flower carpet display this year will be on view to the public until the 19th August.