Unique flower designs for the ultimate tribute

When a loved one passes away, it can be incredibly difficult for the family to deal with their grief while trying to plan the funeral or memorial service. Choosing things like funeral flowers can become overwhelming. Fortunately, professional florists understand the challenges of selecting the perfect floral tributes and this is where personalisation comes in handy.

Funeral sprays, wreaths, and crosses are all very popular when it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one. You can even ask your florist to design a floral frame for an enlarged photo of the person you’re honouring.

Another great option is to ask your florist to create an arrangement that spells out “MUM”, “DAD”, or “NANA”. Choose the colours of these flowers based on their personality. For example, if you have lost your mother and you know that she loved the colour yellow, you might want to include some yellow in this floral tribute.

Personalised floral tributes can be used to decorate the venue for the memorial or even the grave site. You could also consider displaying the flowers at the funeral service and then taking it along with you to the cemetery. This helps ensure that you have beautiful flowers for the service as well as a unique floral display to place by their tombstone.

While most florists have some kind of portfolio, their product images are not the full extent of their skills. If you would like a specific type of flower arrangement made, ask your florist first. For example, if you want a floral pillow, fluffy floral teddy bear, or anything that symbolises your lost loved one would make an excellent tribute. To make sure that your florist understands exactly what you want, you can show them a photo and specify any colours or specific flowers if you have any preferences.