Silk flowers to welcome a new baby

When a new baby girl or boy enters the world, everyone is oh so eager to celebrate. This is not only a joyous occasion for the parents but also for the extended family and friends. Everyone wants to get a look at the new arrival and they instantly begin remarking on all the cutest features. It’s customary to present the parents with some sort of gift when the new baby makes his or her debut.


Fresh flowers are the most popular gift as well as baby hampers and all things cute and fluffy. With mum and dad probably already swimming in onsies fun accessories, you might want to brighten up their home. A fresh bouquet of bright blooms is a lovely idea. That said, it’s important to remember that babies can be quite sensitive. If you want to play it safe, choose silk flowers instead. Artificial flowers have no pollen which means that there’s no way of them releasing this allergen into the air.


Another advantage of sending silk flowers is the fact that mum won’t need to tend to them. She can just put them on display and enjoy. Potted plants last longer than cut flowers but they do require specific and regular care. Mum might not have the time to check on her plants if she is busy day and night to keep her baby fed, clean, and happy. Cut flowers require less care than potted plants but they will need some tending to. The water will need to be changed, the stems trimmed, and wilting flowers and foliage will also need to be removed.


Silk flowers, like fresh ones, can be found at your local florist and online florists too. They are available a wonderful range of natural colours as well as colours that you won’t find in nature. This means that they are that much easier to select based on a particular theme. So, if you are welcoming a little boy, you won’t have trouble sourcing a blue bouquet.


Best of all, these flowers will last for months, or even years! The new parents can use them to decorate the baby’s room for as long as they wish and it will only need to be dusted from time to time. Provided the flowers are kept away from any heat sources and harsh rays of the sun, they will continue to brighten any room!