Show off pretty blooms in flower cones

Flowers can be displayed in so many different ways. They are the most versatile of all decorative items and they also offer some amazing health benefits. If you want to brighten your home with flowers, you need not feel limited to displaying them on tables. By making your own flower cones, you can hang flowers on door handles, on walls, and anywhere you like! Remember, you can use these cones to display fresh flowers, dried flowers, or silk flowers. Since they are made from paper, they will not be able to hold water. For this reason, your fresh flowers might not last quite as long as you’d like and this means that artificial flowers and dried flower arrangements are often more popular in such a setting.

You will need:

  • Paper of your choice. Make sure it’s medium-weight and choose the size based on the size of your bouquet.
  • Decorative scissors for cutting fun and creative shapes/edges
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon


  • Cut the paper into a square based on the size you need. The decorative scissors can be used to create a scallop edge.
  • Use the craft glue to secure the two edges of the paper to one another and to make a cone shape.
  • Punch six holes, an inch apart from one another, starting from the top, front, and centre.
  • Thread a ribbon through these holes and tie a bow in the front. Leave a 7-inch loop at the back so that you can hang your bouquet.
  • Place your flowers in the cone and display.
  • Remember, you can make these cones any size you like depending on where you want to put it on display.