Orchids taking advantage of the wet weather

As the rains have made this year one of the wettest on record the crops for this year’s harvest are at a dangerous low level. But as a consequence of the harvest levels being low food prices are bound to rise. One flower which has taken advantage of the low harvest levels is the orchid.

The orchid is one of the nation’s favourite flowers and they are flourishing in the British countryside in the wet weather. The bee orchid in particular is doing very well; it is named the bee orchid because of its distinctive bee-like appearance.

Andy Byfield of the charity Plantlife had this to say, “Conditions may not have suited humans, but they have been ideal for flowers like the bee orchid. We had a warm winter and then the drought in March and April disappeared quickly as the rains arrived. As a result, bee orchids have flourished”.

Other flowers which have done well in the wet summer are Mediterranean annuals such as small restharrow, which is well known for its pink and white flowers. “These have also thrived,” added Byfield. “However, this may not continue. Plants like these do well when you have arid conditions one year and very wet ones the following year. If it keeps on raining next year, coarse grass will eventually swamp the grounds they are growing in and all the gains will be lost”.