How to shop for quality Mother’s Day flowers

Part of spoiling mum on Mother’s Day is sending her gifts that she will adore. Fresh flowers are the number one gift for this occasion. However, how can you be sure that you are sending the best quality Mother’s Day flowers? Well, here are a few essential tips to ensure that mum gets nothing but the best.

Florist reputation

Before you start shopping, you should look into the reputation of the florist that you are considering using. While their website might have a long list of positive feedback, it’s a good idea to look up reviews on independent websites. This is where you will read both positive and negative reviews to get a real idea of what the company is all about. If you see a handful of negative reviews and an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, you can be sure that this is the florist has a reasonably positive reputation. You can also be sure that a florist with a good reputation stocks quality Mother’s Day flowers.

Satisfaction policy

Any good florist should back their flowers with a freshness guarantee. Quality Mother’s Day flowers are fresh flowers so you want to make sure that you get the best blooms for your buck. Satisfaction policies usually offer credit, replacement flowers or some other type of compensation. This compensation, however, does not apply if delivery cannot be made due to an incorrect address.

Substitution policy

Florists should be clear about their substitution policy. When shopping for quality Mother’s Day flowers, you should always read carefully regarding their substitution policy if any flowers are not in stock.

When sending quality Mother’s Day flowers, you want to make sure that they are sent in bud form. This is because they will last longer since they have yet to open completely. You want mum to get the most out of your thoughtful gift. You can also ask your florist about additional gifts like chocolates, balloons and champagne.