Modern Christmas centrepiece

These days, there are a number of types of Christmas flower arrangement designs. Some of which, however, have become somewhat cliché to certain people. If you feel like you want to spruce things up with a more modern display, here’s how to make your own modern Christmas centrepiece.

You need:

  • Foliage (Cedar, Noble Fir, White Pine)
  • Flowers (White Spray Roses, Red Spray roses, Green Hydrangeas)
  • Accessories (Hypericum, Pinecones, Ornaments)
  • Floral foam
  • Plastic support for your arrangement
  • Sharp shears
  • Floral tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Wire
  • Glass vase (cube-shaped)
  • Tea light candle or LED variety if preferred
  • Wood floral picks


  • Soak a square piece of floral foam in water.
  • Tape the foam to a round base to hold it in place.
  • Trim the stems on various types of foliage and arrange them around the base. It’s good to alternate between the different types of foliage for variety.
  • Place the cube-shaped glass on top of the foam and secure it in place using some pieces of foliage.
  • Fill the arrangement with the foliage.
  • Add some pine cones here and there. You can use wooden floral picks and wire to secure them in place. Small pine cones can be arranged in clusters of two or three.
  • Add your flowers starting with the largest ones first. Start with the hydrangeas and then add some red and white spray roses. The spray roses should be added in clusters of three or four.
  • Remove the leaves from the hypericum berries and arrange them around your pine cones and any other green areas. This will add lovely splashes of colour.
  • You can now add ornaments as you please. Secure them in place using wood picks and wire.