September birthday flower and gift ideas

When you need the right September birthday flower arrangement, it’s a great idea to consider including the flower associated with this month. Every month is associated to a different type of flower which helps make gift shopping that much easier. There are two blooms associated with the month of September – Asters and Morning Glory. Asters are, however, the most popular since they make lovely filler and mass flowers.

About asters

This September birthday flower is part of the daisy family. It is a composite flower which means that there are tiny petals in the middle surrounded by longer petals. There are more than 600 species of aster and they are most loved for their bluish-purple hue. According to Greek mythology, the Greek god Astraea was sad when she saw how few stars were in the sky. So she started to cry and her tears turning into star-shaped flowers as soon as they hit the ground. The word aster is Greek for star which is why this name is so appropriate.


When you choose this September birthday flower, it’s important to choose the right colour. Just like all fresh flowers, the colour of the bouquet will determine the message that you send. White asters represent innocence, purity and new beginnings. Red and pink asters send a message of devotion. The ever popular purple variety are associated with wisdom and royalty.

Once you have the perfect September birthday flower bouquet, you can take a moment to consider adding something extra to your gift. Florists offer a wide variety of optional extras such as luxury chocolates, balloons, champagne and even birthday cake. No matter which bouquet you choose, remember that your florist will always include a message card. So, take some time to craft the perfect birthday wish for your florist to send along with the flower delivery.