The beauty of English Garden Roses

When it comes to roses, one of the most beautiful is the English Garden variety. English Garden Roses are true vintage beauties that are perfect for decorating tables for high tea and various other events. These flowers take décor to the next level and they help add amazing elegance.

Pure beauty

English Garden Roses are known and loved for their superior elegance. Their silky petals are so abundant that these blooms almost resemble the large flower heads of peonies. When using these roses, their size means that you don’t need very many stems. Just a few gorgeous and perfect roses will more than do the trick.

Sweet scent

Not all roses have a powerful sweet smell. If you love sweet-smelling flowers, then English Garden Roses are for you. Their scent is powerful, luxurious and unique. It will certainly give the room a warm and welcoming feel.

Nature at its best

English Garden Roses are known for producing several flowers on a single stem. While one or more of these flowers are open, others are usually still buds. The buds are a darker colour than the open flowers which gives the arrangement added depth and contrast.

Beautiful even when dried

If you are looking for flowers that are excellent for dried arrangements, these roses will not let you down. Just make sure that you hang them upside down so that they maintain their shape. Once they are dried, you can then place them inside a vase and enjoy!

Remember, whenever you want to send roses, consider this variety to make the recipient feel pampered. They can be displayed on their own or along with other flowers if you like. Each colour sends its own message so, if you are trying to convey a particular emotion, you should definitely take the time to choose the right colour.