Sending flowers as corporate gifts – what you need to know

Sending flowers does not only make the recipient smile, but it also brings joy to the sender. While it might seem easy to choose and send a bouquet to your friends and loved ones, corporate floral gifts are not necessarily the same and there are some additional factors to consider. Here are some important tips.

Flowers for your employees

Sending flowers to your employees can be just what they need to give them that extra boost. When your staff feel happy, they are that much more likely to work that much harder. In addition, when your employees are happy at work, they will be more willing to serve customers and go the extra mile. Remember, if you plan on sending bouquets to your staff, you should make sure that everyone receives the same bouquet. You do not want to create the impression of any favouritism.

Floral gifts for your boss

When selecting a bouquet for your boss, you need to keep one thing in mind – avoid romantic blooms. In other words, you do not want to send red roses. When sending flowers to your boss, you should choose blooms that reflect their personality. Take note of the types of colours they enjoy wearing and use this as your inspiration.

Bouquets for clients

You can encourage business and customer loyalty by sending flowers to your clients. When selecting blooms for customers, again, you want to avoid anything that could be considered romantic. Another thing to remember is to consider your budget before you start splashing out. There are plenty of fantastic budget bouquets from which you can choose. While these flower arrangements are cheaper, they are by no means inferior in terms of beauty or quality.

Occasions to send flowers

Apart from choosing the recipient of your floral gifts, you also need to know when sending flowers is appropriate. Some of the main occasions on which you can spoil employees or your boss include birthdays and holidays such as Christmas. As for clients, you can treat them to special festive bouquets to encourage year-end sales. If one of your employees has recently welcomed a new baby, sending flowers will certainly make them smile. Similarly, it is a good idea to send sympathy flowers if they have lost a loved one.

Sending flowers for various occasions throughout the year will help keep morale up even when many of us would rather hide under the covers. It has become more important than ever to lift up those around us in order to ensure that nobody feels alone or neglected.