Flowers don’t always need a vase

Whether you want to enjoy flowers yourself or you are looking for an amazing floral gift, you might not know that flowers don’t always need a vase. There are a number of other ways to enjoy flowers without simply setting them in a vase.

One creative way of wearing flowers or even giving somebody a floral gift is by making a flower bracelet. Simply select a few of your favourite flowers and string them together as you would any other bracelet. Use a needle and a flexible type of wire or thread. Pierce each stem at the base of the flower and cut the stems accordingly. Make accordin to the size of your wrist and make sure that you leave extra thread to make it easy to put on and take off.

For those who have a bit more time, or at least enough helping hands, you can make your own floral garlands to decorate a party. These look great if you stick with one flower in a couple of colours or you can even mix several colours and several flowers! Get creative while keeping the theme in mind.

If you want party hats with a difference, you can make your own or at least modify the plain store bought ones. Make a cone (or buy them) using decorative cardboard. If you make your own, you will need to add elastic to hold the hat in place while worn. You can then add a fresh flower to the top of the hat for that final touch.

Another great way of decorating an event is by writing messages with flowers. Make a base that can be hung on the wall and then add the flowers to this base. Each base should be in the shape of a letter and together these letters should spell an appropriate word. For example, you can write Happy Birthday or you could write the word Love to celebrate a wedding or anniversary. You could even write Baby in pink, blue, or yellow for a baby shower.

Flowers can also be used to make frames. These frames can be used to decorate mirrors or photos. It’s quite common to place a lost loved one’s photo in a large floral frame to be displayed at their funeral or memorial service.