Send lilies for Mother’s Day

If you are looking for the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day, you will notice that there are plenty of fabulous options available at your local and online florist. While some might like to stick to tradition by sending carnations, you could always send lilies if you prefer. There are many advantages to opting for these blooms and there are also a few points to consider.

Different varieties

There are many different types of lilies available. When you send lilies, you will need to choose the colour you prefer before making your final choice. For an occasion like Mother’s Day, the best colour choices are pink or white. Of course, if you send a bouquet consisting solely of white lilies, it could look more like a sympathy bouquet so do take care and include some other colours to the mix as well.


One of the most popular types of lilies out there is the Stargazer. When you send lilies of this variety, you can be sure that they will be well-received. Their petals are pink and white with varying shades of pink. You can send a bouquet that consists solely of these blooms or you can pair them with other flowers like roses if you prefer.

Less is more

Other great point to remember when you send lilies is that less is definitely more. You can include an uneven number of lilies to act as the focal flowers for the arrangement and fill the bouquet up with mass lfowers like roses or carnations and include some baby’s breath too if you like. Remember, mixing up white and pink will give your bouquet a well-rounded appearance and great colour balance.

Long-stemmed bouquet

It is also important to note that lilies usually have long stems. Therefore, you should opt for mass and filler flowers that also have long stems. In addition, you will need to choose between placing the bouquet in a vase or presenting a handheld arrangement instead. Both are perfectly acceptable. If you do choose a vase, just remember that the size of the vase should suit the length of the stems.

Careful with pollen

When you send lilies, you can be sure that their perfume will fill the air. Of course, one of the potential downsides is the fact that they generally shed quite a bit of pollen. The pollen is usually sticky and heavy which means that it can make a bit of a mess. Of course, you could ask your florist to remove the pollen before sending the bouquet.

As you can see, these blooms really do have a lot to offer and you don’t need to overspend when you send lilies. Don’t be afraid to shop around for liliy bouquets and compare prices as well as bouquet size before you make your final choice.