Easter lily care advice

Easter lilies produce the most beautiful white flowers that are associated with hope, new life and purity. Since the spring season is also associated with new life, it’s easy to see why this flower is also associated with the spring season. The history of this flower dates back to 1777 and it is particularly popular around this time of year. Here is some essential advice for taking care of Easter lilies.

Easter lily planting advice

Easter is not too far away which is why it’s time to start looking out for these beautiful blooms. Since they grow from bulbs, it’s good to remember that they are not necessarily a lost cause once the plant eventually perishes. The dormant bulb will grow and bloom again when the weather warms up after winter.

When planting Easter lilies, you should make sure that the soil does not consist of too much clay. These plants are fairly easy to please but heavy clay soil will prove unsuitable. They enjoy morning sun with shade during the rest of the day. The ground should be soft when planting these bulbs and they should be placed approximately 6 inches below the surface. When the stems start to die in the autumn season, you can cut the plant at the surface of the soil. You can also add mulch once the temperatures drop below freezing. This will help protect the bulb until it grows again in the spring.

Easter lily care

Once you have planted your Easter lily, you need to understand how to care for this plant. Apart from the standard outdoor care, you should also know how to tend to its needs if you are growing it as an indoor plant. Firstly, you will need to protect the plant from draughts that come from windows and doors. It should also be far from any sources of heat like your radiators or fire place. The plant needs to be watered just enough to keep the soil moist. You do not want to oversaturate the soil or the roots could rot. Easter lilies need enough light during the day but, remember, they prefer morning sun and indirect light during the rest of the day. They enjoy mild temperatures – not too hot or cold so make sure that the room temperature is moderate.

By taking care of your Easter lily each year, you can be sure that it will continue to grow and bloom every spring. The beauty of its blooms is unlike any other and it will certainly spruce up your garden or home – no matter where you decide to plant it.