Flower facts about beautiful orchids

One of the most amazing blooms that you will find at your local florist is the orchid. There is something about their exotic beauty that make them irresistible to so many. Before you place your order, keep these fascinating flower facts in mind.

A beautiful investment

One of the most interesting orchid flower facts is that these blooms are one of the more expensive options at your local florist. While they are extremely long-lasting as cut flowers, they are also sensitive to certain diseases that are not always treatable. Of course, with proper care, this plant can produce blooms for years to come.

Improved transportation

Many years ago, it was not uncommon for plants and flowers to perish during transportation. Fortunately, the flower industry has enjoyed fantastic advances and this includes improved transportation. This means that, these days, you can expect your orchid flower or plant order to arrive in perfect condition.

Special care

When learning about orchids, you will soon find out one of the most interesting flower facts of all. In their natural environment, these plants do not grow just anywhere. They enjoy slopes and the best potting soil is, in fact, not soil at all. Their roots require excellent drainage to prevent them from rotting and they are best watered from the bottom up. In other words, you should place the pot in some water and allow the potting mix to slowly absorb water through the drainage holes rather than watering from the top.

Wide variety

While they might not seem like one of the most common flowers that you will find in flower shops, there are in fact over 25, 000 known natural species. Another one of the most interesting flower facts is that the largest of these species can grow as tall as 20 metres. Each year, 300 more species are discovered. Some remain in their natural habitat while others are cultivated for us to enjoy as potted plants and cut stems.

Just like any other type of flower, there are some varieties that are more popular than others. Cymbidium, dendrodium and vanda orchids are a few examples of popular varieties. Their blooms are available in several colours so, you can make your plant selection based both on type and colour. Keep the flower facts above in mind when making your choice and be sure to ask about care instructions so that you can make the most of the plant for as long as possible.