Flower uses once they start to wilt

While we all think of fresh flowers as disposable d├ęcor, this is not necessarily the case. There are some amazing flower uses that you can enjoy by simply planning ahead and making sure that you are ready before your blooms completely fade. Here are some of the best ideas to keep in mind.

Harvest the petals

One of the best flower uses once your blooms are spent is to gather those precious petals. You should do so before they completely dry out but you can do so as soon as you notice them start to wilt. Once you pluck the petals, you can spread them out and allow them to dry. Make sure that you do not place them all on top of one another since mildew can grow. Once dry, you can then proceed to sprinkle some essential oils no top and place them in a ceramic bowl in any area of your home. This will fill your room with a natural and beautiful smell.

Dried arrangement

Another great option if you are looking for flower uses that will keep your bouquet intact, is to dry them. To do this, you will need to take action before they start to wilt. You should remove your stems from the vase and create small bundles rather than bunching them all together. Hang them upside down in an area where they will not be disturbed by wind or direct sunlight. Once dried, you can place them in an empty vase or one filled with some kind of filler (like pebbles or acorns) and enjoy your dried flower arrangement.

Pressed blooms

Not all flowers are suited for drying but you can always press them or even press individual petals if you like. This a one of the best flower uses for wilting blooms because you can use these pressed flowers to decorate various items from vases and containers to sprucing up your otherwise plain gift wrapping paper,

Fun recipes

Some fresh flowers can be used in various dishes. Certain types of roses, for example, can be used to make your very own rose petal jam! You need the right roses for this and you will need a large quantity too. You could always freeze a batch of petals in an airtight container if you don’t have quite enough.

Natural compost

If your flowers have wilted to the point that they seem pretty useless, don’t throw them out just yet! One of the least wasteful of all flower uses involves creating your very own compost heap. You should set it up in a corner in your garden and let nature do its thing. If you have any flower stems with thorns, you should try removing the thorns or at least clipping them so that they do not prove dangerous when tossing your compost heap from time to time.

These are just a few of the very best flower uses that you can use to make the most of every bloom in every bouquet even when they are no longer in their freshest and finest state. With all of these ideas in mind, there really is no need to discard a single petal ever again!