Should you send fresh flowers or silk flowers?

When sending flowers, you might wonder whether you should opt for silk flowers or fresh flowers. Before making any decisions, it’s important to consider the needs and preferences of the recipient and the occasion. While some might think of silk flowers as inferior in terms of their appearance, it’s good to note that designs have come a long way over the years and they look just as natural as any fresh bouquet. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before making your decision:

Does the recipient have allergies?

If you know that the recipient has pollen allergies, then opting for a silk arrangement is quite obvious. That said, if their allergies are not all that severe, you might be able to get away with sending fresh flowers with heavier pollen. Heavy pollen will fall rather than fly into the air which means that these flowers are not likely to cause allergic reactions unless you tuck your nose right inside! There are even some pollen-free flowers like the Roselily. This hybrid has it all in terms of beauty, scent, and zero pollen!

What is the occasion?

The occasion will also determine the best types of flowers to send. Sympathy flowers, for example, are best sent in the form of a fresh bouquet. You wouldn’t want your silk bouquet to become a morbid reminder of the emotions the recipient was feeling when they arrived. For a house warming, you could send fresh flowers, a potted plant, or an elegant silk flower arrangement. The potted plant and silk flowers will last the longest for obvious reasons. That said, a plant will require regular care so, if you know that the recipient has a particularly busy routine, then artificial will probably work best.

How long should they last?

Wedding flowers are required to last for at least a day or two. Once the bride and groom have said their vows and celebrated with their friends and family, these flowers don’t need to look as perfect as they once did. For this reason, many people opt for moderately fragrant fresh flowers rather than silk ones. Why not enjoy nature’s finest d├ęcor in its purest form on your big day? For office displays or brightening up your home, silk flowers will certainly last the longest and they won’t require any real attention other than a little light dusting here and there.

There you have it! If you have asked yourself these three questions, you’ll know just which option to choose! Remember, silk flowers are now available in various stunning designs so all you need to do is set them in the right spot and enjoy!