Christmas centrepiece tablescape design ideas

If you are hosting Christmas dinner or lunch, you want to make sure that your meal is perfect. It’s also important to ensure that your décor is just right. While a Christmas centrepiece might seem sufficient, it might also feel a bit repetitive for some. You can spruce up your festive table with a tablescape which will totally transform the table and your room.

Taking centrepieces to a new level

While a Christmas centrepiece will consist of a single bouquet in the middle of the table, a tablescape design is far more interesting. Yes, you will still have a main arrangement in the middle, but it does not need to be quite as large. You will also have smaller arrangements and decorative items spanning out from either end of the arrangement along the centre of the table. This will take your décor to a whole new level.

Traditional colour schemes

If you are one for traditions and you would like to use well-known festive colour combinations for your Christmas centrepiece, you can certainly do so. Of course, you can change things up a little by using a white tablecloth to create more contrast. Arrange red blooms in a short vase for your main flower display and then add some white candles surrounded by some foliage or red blooms. You can also add some pine cones in between to create a contrast of textures.

Alternative colour schemes

If you are feeling a bit tired of the usual red, green and white theme, you can opt for something a bit more muted like a white theme. Your tablecloth should be white as well as your plates. You can use gold or silver-coloured cutlery but remember that you want to add accents of the same colour to your arrangement. So, if you use gold-coloured cutlery, you should add some gold accessories to your Christmas centrepiece. This can come in the form of gold leaves, gold sticks or even gold beads. You can spray paint pine cones in this same colour to add to your table.

Modest décor

If you want something a bit more modest, you can place a single small bouquet in the middle of your table. You can then add a Christmas globe to each place setting and write the names of each of your guests on these globes. Ask your guests to partake in Secret Santa and, once they bring their gifts, you can place them at each of the recipient’s place setting. This will add to the décor and certainly make your guests smile.

Modern theme

A sophisticated option for a Christmas centrepiece comes in the form of a black and white theme. You can use white tablecloths with black overlays and white dishes. You can also add some white blooms or red (if you want a splash of colour) to the middle of the table. Wrap up some boxes as fake gifts to add to the table for decorative purposes only. These boxes should be small so that they don’t take up too much space.

These Christmas centrepiece ideas really cover all the bases. No matter your preferences or your budget, you are sure to find a style that suits you. Many of these tablescape ideas don’t require a massive investment either. If you take a walk near some pine trees, for instance, you can pick up pine cones for your table. Consider the accessories that nature has to offer rather than buying what you could easily find in a nearby park.