Red blooms for your wedding

Of all the occasions and events that you will need to plan, your wedding is one of the most important of all. Months of planning go into a single day that will be remembered for the rest of your life. This is why so much attention is paid to every single, tiny detail – especially the décor. Wedding décor is a key part of the celebration which is why you need the best flowers to make it memorable for all the right reasons. Part of planning your wedding is setting a date. By choosing a date in advance, you will know what to expect in terms of the general weather conditions as well as the kinds of flowers that should be in season. This is also great for your florist since they will be able to make some great suggestions.

If your dream wedding has a red and white colour scheme, then you are in luck because you have so many options! Red is the colour associated with passion and love while white symbolises purity. Both of these meanings are particularly relevant on such a day.

Now, if you are wondering what kinds of red flowers you can choose during the summer, you’re in for a treat! Alstroemerias are available in various colours, including red, and they look amazing in bouquets as well as centrepieces. Not only will they add colour but they will also give the floral display an amazing texture too. Kangaroo Paw flowers are available in green and red which means that you can combine these two for a truly special and captivating visual effect. If you want something particularly exotic, how about Bird of Paradise flowers? The shape of this flower will make it stand out and it’s also available in red. Some of these flowers are only available if ordered in advance so make sure that you discuss availability with your florist.

Cockscomb is yet another unusual bloom and when you get a look at this flower, you will know exactly why it has this interesting name! They can be used in all sorts of types of displays as well as bouquets. Gloriosa lilies are in season during the summer months and they too are available in red which will suit your theme perfectly. The petals have a somewhat odd shape and they point upwards which will surely get your guests talking.

If you opt out of these more unusual blooms or if they are not within your budget, you can trust your florist to supply some gorgeous and more affordable options such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and daisies. Simply ask about what they are able to order and make sure that they specify any substitutes should a particular bloom not be available for any reason.