Send fresh flowers for an autumn birthdays

Fresh flowers are perfect gifts for all occasions and any recipient. They are particularly popular birthday gifts and it’s easy to choose flowers based on the occasion as well as the season. Keeping both of these factors in mind will ensure that you choose the very best bouquet.

When celebrating a happy occasion like a birthday, you will look for flowers that express joy. Bright colours are usually the most obvious choice. You can look for one particular colour or several colours to make up a mixed bouquet. If, for example, you want to stick to one colour, you could look for a bright yellow like that of sunflowers or gorgeous orange roses. If you want a blend of colours, you could choose several types of flowers or a single type of flower in several shades.

Remember, during the autumn months, you might also like to embrace the seasonal colours. This means choosing warm colours but avoiding anything too bright and bold. Corals and pastels should be avoided since they are better suited for summer and spring. Look for colours like orange, yellow, and brown. You can even add some dark peach coloured roses and carnations to the bunch as well.

The point is to ensure that most of the bouquet consists of more understated autumn shades with a few brighter accents in between. The right vase is also important and, as popular as clay or earthy colours might be, you might prefer something more along the lines of a clear glass vase or a plain white ceramic one. These vases are great because they can be used throughout the year to display any type of flowers. Regardless of the colour of the arrangement, the clear glass and white ceramic will compliment that colour scheme. They also look great in any home, no matter the style or d├ęcor so you can be sure that it will be reused often.

Finally, don’t forget to ask your florist about extras like a bright balloon, perhaps a teddy bear, or a box of chocolates to send along with the fresh flower delivery. Adding something extra to your flower order will make your gift that much more special and complete.