Romantic bedroom décor tips and ideas

Romance is what the month of February is all about which is why now is the perfect time to transform your bedroom! The perfect romantic bedroom is easy to create with just a few basic tips and decorating ideas. You can pick and choose from these ideas based on your preferences and budget.

Soft sheets

You want your bed to be as cosy and comfy as possible so make an effort to invest in quality linen. You will be amazed just how much the sense of touch affects the way a room is perceived. When it comes to choosing a design or colour, this is completely up to you. Many people prefer neutral colours so that it is easy to change the colour scheme of the room without having to replace all of their bedding. Beige, white, grey, brown and black are all great neutral shades.


While you want the option of letting light into the room as needed, you also want to ensure privacy in your romantic bedroom. Opt for the layered look so that you can enjoy maximum flexibility. In other words, you can fit some thin curtains that offer some privacy but do not block out the light. Over these, you can install thicker drapes to block out light and for extra privacy.


You don’t want to limit your lighting options in this room. Yes, you need to be practical and install a main light or lights that will illuminate the entire room. However, you also need soft lighting options that will allow you to relax at night without the bright light. Lights with a dimmer function are perfect for your romantic bedroom. You may also like to consider smaller lamps and LED candles.


The sense of smell is one of the most powerful of all. A single scent can trigger dozens of memories and emotions. You can use fresh flowers, essential oils and potpourri to make your romantic bedroom smell amazing! Lavender, sandalwood and musk are examples of some of the best scents for a romantic evening. Remember to use natural scents rather than synthetic products.

Something beautiful

Finally, don’t forget about the wonderful effect of fresh flowers! If you really want to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, you should definitely include a bouquet of blooms in your romantic bedroom. The most romantic flowers include roses, lilies, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums. Red flowers are particularly suitable for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other romantic occasions.

With these simple tips in mind, you can create the most romantic bedroom ever! When ordering fresh flowers, be sure to ask your florist about luxury chocolates, cuddly bears and other romantic extras you can add to your order for an even more special evening.