Why should you send flowers?

When you make your way around town, you are likely to notice at least one florist.  In addition, you should notice at least one or two customers inside because florists are always in demand!  When you see customers browsing around the flower shop or chatting with the professional florist, it’s quite common to wonder exactly why each customer is shopping for a fresh bouquet.


In most cases, the general conception is that men are responsible for majority of the world’s flower orders and women are almost always on the receiving end.  This was true years ago when we adhered to various old traditions.  Times are changing and florists have noticed and increased number of female customers!  Yes, women have started buying flowers for men for various occasions!


One of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day are flowers.  We can usually imagine a love-struck young man trying to impress his crush with a luxurious bouquet of red roses, a cute stuffed animal and a box of chocolates.  These days, however, prices  make it difficult for some people to afford such decadent gifts for Valentine’s Day and this is why other red flowers like tulips and carnations have become popular alternatives.


If you have ever found yourself in the “doghouse” and you’re looking for a way to convince your partner to forgive you, a brightly coloured bouquet of their favourite flowers could be just what they need!  So, whether you’ve been working extended hours or you had to cancel a date at the last minute, don’t forget that a flower arrangement can get you back in their good books!  If you aren’t able to make the flower delivery yourself, you can have the florist deliver flowers on your behalf.  If this is the case, make sure that you include a truly sincere message and don’t go with anything even slightly generic!


Flowers also make perfect birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and even congratulations gifts!  So, when somebody is celebrating their birthday, the arrival of a new baby, a wedding anniversary or a job promotion, you can always send flowers!  Fresh flowers will make anyone smile and they are ideal if you’re not sure what the intended recipient wants or needs.


For other, more somber, occasions such as the loss of a loved one, you can still send flowers.  Sympathy flowers should be delivered by your florist to the grieving family so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by guests at such a difficult time.  Flowers brighten the home and can really provide great comfort.


As mentioned above, more and more women are starting to spoil the men in their lives by sending flowers.  It might not sound all that conventional but it is a growing trend.  When choosing flowers for a man, it’s important to select something that is more masculine in nature.  Look for bold colours and avoid pastels.


Whether you send flowers to a woman or man, you can be sure that they will be filled with instant joy.  This is one of the reasons why sending flowers is such a popular tradition for various occasions around the world and has been for many years!