Ranunculus flower facts

Ranunculus flowers are often compared to roses and they are used in a wide variety flower arrangements and many different occasions. If you are thinking of choosing this flower for your next event or even to decorate your home, here are some interesting flower facts.

Popular wedding flowers

Ranunculus are known for their delicate and soft petals. This is what makes them such a popular choice for bridal bouquets. Each flower has between 100 and 130 petals which means that they are large and abundant in their appearance. They are long-lasting too which means that they will look perfect on your wedding day from start to finish.

Ranunculus name meaning

The word Rana in Latin means frog while unculus means little. Essentially, the name ranunculus means little frog. These flowers were first found in Southwestern Asia. It is believed that the flower got this name because it was found growing along the streams that little frogs called home.

Sending a message of admiration

Every type of flower has its own special meaning. Ranunculus are no exception. They are the symbol of attractiveness and charm. When you send a bouquet of these flowers, you are letting the recipient know that you admire them. It is why these blooms are such wonderful gifts for anniversaries, Mother’s Day and other similar occasions.

UV light reflection

This is an interesting fact that many people do not know about these flowers. There is a game that many children love to play. You hold the buttercup under your chin and, if your chin glows yellow, it meant that you enjoy butter. The truth is that this has nothing to do with butter and it’s not an optical illusion. The petals bounce back the UV light and this is why you notice a colour change. The flower does this in order to attract bees and it really is an ingenious idea.

So, the next time you plan on ordering flowers, you should consider a bouquet that includes ranunculus flowers. You don’t need a lot of them to make a grand statement and they are wonderfully eye-catching no matter how you choose to display them.