Save the Environment – Don’t use Air Freshener’s, Use Flowers Instead

Air Freshener’s are damaging our environment with the amount of CO2 that is being released. There are alternatives to using the harmful use of such aerosols that merely cover up bad odours and give a false sense of a fresh smelling house.

It has been scientifically proven that Fresh flowers, as well as providing a naturally fresh smell, actually clear the air within your house and eliminate all those nasty smells.  On a test study of 100 houses who switched to using fresh flowers as opposed to using branded air fresheners, found that the house was much more naturally smelling and smells did not reoccur as opposed to using the aerosol based smell eliminators. Plus the visual appeal also added to contentment of using fresh flowers in the house.  Maureen Jenkins, a nursery assistant  in West Cheshire, states “ I have always loved receiving flowers, but its never occurred to buy them for myself, having the knowledge of how damaging these things can be, I will always try having flowers in the house”.

Additionally, there is the health benefit to you and your family to having flowers in your house. Recent studies have shown that flowers reduce the risk of catching colds and coming down with a variety of different illnesses.  Though some plants can attract spiders, this is not a bad thing. A small spider can reduce the carbon monoxide in the air by up to 94%. Get your bunch today without delay!