The Royal Horticultural Society

The Royal Horticultural Society is a flower charity which focuses most of its work in the United Kingdom. The charity was first founded on the 7th March 1804. John Wedgwood first came up with the idea in 1800 and four years later the first meeting took place in Piccadilly, London. The charities first president was Thomas Andrew Knight and his presidency lasted from 1811-1838.

The first event on the charities calendar each year is the Cardiff Flower Show which takes place in Cardiff, South Wales in April every year. The Royal Horticultural Society is a charity which raises awareness to the protection and proper care of flowers.

It stages many flower shows throughout the year with probably the most famous being the Chelsea Flower Show. The flower charity helps almost 2 million school children begin gardening and helps over 1700 communities across the United Kingdom. The flower shows help people with flower experts on hand to answer questions and give advice but the main focus of the flower show is to raise money so the charity can support as many projects as it possibly can.

The flower charity gives out awards at the flower shows for many different categories. The highest honour the charity can give is the Victoria Medal of Honour and other awards are the Banksian, the Knightian and the Lindley which are named after early members of the charity.

The flower charity has now been going for 209 years and if the people of the UK want to become self-dependant on growing their own flowers and vegetables then the charity will be going for another 209 years.