Flowers for the summer season

Summer is a popular time of year since you can shed all those extra layers and enjoy longer days with extra sunlight. There’s also a lot more to do and plenty of energy to enjoy all of these activities. There are even more fresh flowers in gardens and flower shops alike. So, when you want to shop for flowers in the summer, you can be sure that there’s no shortage at this time of year.

Roses are a favourite and also a staple for many florists around the world. They are often in stock throughout the year but they are more affordable when in season during the hotter summer months. You will also notice a larger variety during this time of year. If you are particularly partial to organic roses, you will love summer!

Various types of lilies are also in bloom in summer. Some popular examples include callas, casa blanca lilies, gloriosa lilies, and stargazers too. These flowers have a stunning exotic feel to them and they are perfect for various occasions and recipients. They can be arranged on their own or along with other flowers if you like.

As for filler flowers, baby’s breath is available during the summer and autumn months. When the weather is particularly cold, these little flowers will stop blooming and you will need to find an alternative filler for your bouquets.

If you want an abundantly bright display, consider something like cockscomb, birds of paradise, and amaranthus. They are colourful, large, and extremely unusual which makes them that much more attractive. If you like, you can try growing them in your garden. Alternatively, ask your florist if they have any of these gorgeous blooms in stock.

If you would like to create a bouquet with more of a summer wild flower feel, you can use cosmos flowers in a mixed bouquet for that stunning wild bunch effect. Other popular blooms that you can use without fail include hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and delphiniums. Each of which is available in various colours to suit different themes.

Many people enjoy creating a bouquet that resembles more a field of wild flowers as opposed to a carefully made arrangement. If this is you, then take advantage of the cosmos flower for this. Available in a number of colours that are just dying to be mixed together, these flowers do indeed grow in fields and they are perfect for achieving this look in your own home. When looking for the best seasonal flowers for summer, simply ask your local florist for their recommendations if you are ever unsure.