Rose traditions you may not know

Roses are one of the most popular types of blooms in the world. These blooms are known for their sweet perfume and amazing beauty. Roses also send various messages depending on their colour and the number of stems in the bouquet. Here are some interesting rose traditions you may not be aware of.

Sending love

One of the most common rose traditions is that associated with sending a message of love. Red roses send a romantic message of love and the number of stems help further define the message that the bouquet sends. Red roses for romantic occasions are one f the most popular of all rose traditions.

Long stems

Long-stemmed roses also send different messages to shorter stems. A single long-stemmed rose, for example, sends a message of love or thank you. The colour of the rose will better define the message. A single long-stemmed red rose is a popular choice for romantic occasions even during the dating phase of the relationship. Roses are the number one choice for occasions like Valentine’s Day where they have become a tradition in households around the globe.

Small varieties

Sweetheart roses or petite roses are smaller in size but they are just as perfect as larger varieties. Rose traditions associated with these varieties include celebrating occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and they can even be used in sympathy arrangements.

Roses are traditionally paired with extra gifts like luxury chocolates. On romantic occasions, rose traditions include placing these blooms on the dinner table, scattering rose petals on the bed and serving champagne while soaking in a hot tub with red rose petals.