New Rose scientifically created for the Queen

A new rose has been created especially for the celebrations of the Queens Jubilee named the Coventry Cathedral Rose. A bouquet of these roses is to be made up and will be presented to the Princess Royal later on this month.

The rose is really beautiful unlike anything you have seen before. The petals are silk like to touch and they have a stunning peachy pink colour, unlike no other rose. It truly is a beautiful flower.

Jane Woodward, Chief Exec at the Cathedral has stated that when the roses are available for sale, there will be a generous donation from each rose sold to go towards the maintenance of the Cathedral.

It has taken quite a while to develop this rose and it was created by Edward Smith from Spalding, which hosts the largest flower parade in the UK each May.

Prestige Flowers hope to be able to offer the sale of this bouquet very soon and to support the Cathedral.