Pretty Proteas for Mum

Proteas are gorgeous blooms that are unlike any other. There are various types of proteas so, when making this bouquet, you should ask your florist what they have in stock or what they will be able to source before Mother’s Day. These exotic blooms are not only interesting in terms of their shape, but also the many textures hidden within each flower. They are sure to be a real treat for mum!

You will need:


  • Start by inspecting all of your flowers and foliage. Remove the leaves located beyond the halfway mark of the stem since you don’t want them to end up in the vase water.
  • Prepare all of your stems by trimming them at an angle but remember to trim as you go! You might not need all of your stems to be the exact same length. If you want the centre of the arrangement to be taller than the flowers and foliage around the rim of the vase, then trim the stems accordingly.
  • Prepare your vase with some fresh water and flower food so that you can place your stems directly into the perfect new home
  • While your proteas are the focal flowers for this arrangement, you do not want to place them all in the middle. They are spectacular and fairly large blooms so you should space them out almost like in the shape of a triangle.
  • So, start by taking one protea and adding a white rose to one side, a pink rose above and alstroemeria to the other side.
  • Continue by adding another protea next to the white rose and alternate between your other blooms so that you don’t create any clusters. You want each different type of flower to be evenly spaced apart.
  • Once you are done, you can alternate between your two types of foliage around the outer edge of the bouquet and finish off by sliding thistles in between.

For some, creating this bouquet in their hand is easier while others prefer to place the flowers directly into a vase. If you are new to flower arranging, you should try both of these methods and see which one works for you. Remember to always choose a vase that will suit the number of stems you are using as well as their length. Never force stems into a vase. You do not want to end up crushing them or bruising your flowers.