Pressed flowers for use in paper making

While fresh blooms are always popular, pressed flowers have plenty of beauty to offer and you can even make your own luxurious paper designs for a special occasion. You will need to invest in some special equipment when you get started but, once you have done so, you can use these supplies to make plenty of sheets.

You need:

  • Paper-making frame (known as a deckle)

  • Pressed flowers and plant material of your choice

  • Gift wrapping tissue paper (18” x 26”)

  • Tray (for draining)

  • Blender


  • Before you start making your floral paper, you need to set out all of your supplies. Make sure that your pressed flowers are ready and completely dried.

  • Place the paper-making frame in your sink with some room temperature water. You will only need to fill the sink so that the frame is 1/3 full.

  • Blend the tissue paper with approximately 3 cups of water so that you create a pulp.

  • Pour this pulp into your frame and spread it out evenly with your fingers.

  • Now press your pretty blooms into the paper. Make sure you do so gently and allow the petals to remain on the surface but sufficiently embedded in the paper pulp.

  • Slowly lift the frame from the water and allow the water to drain slowly Take care not to tilt your frame.

  • If you notice that some of the flowers protrude too much above the surface of the paper, you can place the frame back into the water, slowly, and press the petals further into the pulp.

  • Remove the frame completely from the water, place on a tray and allow to drain for a few minutes.

  • Remove the flower paper from the frame and set aside in a safe spot to dry completely.

Once you start making your own floral paper, you’ll be hooked! This fun and useful craft will give you another reason to gather lots of pressed flowers and other plant materials throughout the year. Some flowers are not so easy to press. If so, remember that floral paper doesn’t need full, perfect flowers. Even if your petals break or aren’t the perfect shape, you can still use them to create your own custom paper. Don’t forget the leaves too! Like flowers, leaves are also great for pressing and adding to your floral paper design. Indeed, if you want to create an autumn theme, multi-coloured leaves will be perfect!