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Hyacinth plant care advice

When someone sends you a bouquet of fresh flowers, it’s usually pretty clear that you should cut the stems, give them fresh water, and place them in the perfect spot in your home. Potted plants, however, require more care and consideration, but they make great housewarming, birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts. Whether you plan to […]

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Anthurium plant care and essential tips

Anthuriums are wonderful tropical plants. Not only are its leaves beautiful, but also its flowers unusual. These large, brightly coloured flowers will brighten any home or office. Best of all, they make great houseplants and are surprisingly easy to care for even though they are tropical in nature. If you have an anthurium plant, here […]

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Poinsettia plants and their festive connection

Many years ago, the Aztecs used poinsettias to dye clothes and as a cure for various ailments. The colour red was associated with health, which meant it was often included in religious rituals. Of course, poinsettia plants are associated with Christmas and here is what you need to know about the history of this gorgeous […]

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Poinsettia plant facts you never knew

Poinsettias are popular around the world and are often used as part of Christmas decorations. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the beloved poinsettia plant.   Are they poisonous? One of the biggest misconceptions is that the poinsettia plant is not poisonous to pets and children. This is not true and this […]

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Christmas plants to spoil your loved ones

The holiday season is a time when we gather with our loved ones to celebrate love, joy and the spirit of generosity. As we exchange gifts and create memories, it’s important to choose gifts that truly symbolize the essence of this special moment. What better way to pamper your loved ones than with beautiful Christmas […]

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The most fragrant flowers

When you send flowers to somebody, not only do you want them to look good but you want them to smell good too.  You want their perfume to fill that lucky recipient’s home and make them think of you every time they smell them.  Some of the best smelling flowers aren’t restricted to dispersing their […]

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Bees in Australia drove Flower evolution

Native flowers of Australia evolved into bright colourful flowers to attract bees and drive pollination. New research has taken place which proves that flying insects are crucial to the pollination of flowers all over the world. Researchers and many people around the world already know that flower colours in the Northern Hemisphere were targeted to […]

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Essential plant care tips for the summer

Summer can be particularly grueling for plants and flowers. If you want to keep your potted plants healthy during the warmer months of the year, you should keep these plant care tips in mind. It’s also important to remember that some plants have very specific needs. Most plants are in their growing phase during these […]

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