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Potted plants to suit every personality

When you take a look around your home, you will notice various decorative aspect that reflect your personality. Potted plants are no different. If you want to send a plant to a friend or loved one as a gift, you can use this list to help you select the right plant based on their personality. […]

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Valentine’s Day plants and gifts for him

Celebrating the most romantic occasion does not mean that all the shopping is up to the men out there. You can spoil the special man in your life too! If you are not sure what types of Valentine’s Day plants and gifts will be best, here are some excellent ideas that he will love. Succulents […]

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Plant facts – why they need more water in summer

When it comes to caring for potted plants, one of the most important points to consider is your watering routine. One of the most interesting of all plant facts is that watering frequency and amounts can vary depending on the time of year. Here are some reasons why. The process of photosynthesis You may already […]

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Office plants for increased productivity

If you own or run a business, no matter how big or small, one of the greatest investments you can make comes in the form of plants. Office plants are known to offer a number of benefits. Apart from making your workplace look that much better, it can also help increase productivity. Here’s how plants […]

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Phlebodium plant care and advice

If you buy a Phlebodium for yourself or you receive one as a gift, it’s important to make sure that you understand what these plants need. Here are some essential Phlebodium plant care tips that will help this plant thrive. Not too much sun One of the most importanat parts of Phlebodium plant care is […]

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Get out of the doghouse this Valentine’s Day

Relationships have their fair share of ups and downs. It’s not uncommon for couples to find themselves on the rocks as Valentine’s Day approaches. As much as some might hate the thought of an argument around this time of year, others see it as an opportunity to make things right. Instead of focussing on the […]

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Top romantic flowers you can send to your Valentine

If you want to impress your Valentine this year and you are looking for the best floral gift, you are in luck. There are a number of excellent options and you will find plenty of options at your local and online florist. Here are some of the top romantic flowers from which you can choose. […]

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Get rid of bugs on your plants

Potted plants are perfect for decorating your garden and home. They do require some regular care and there are a number of bugs that can put the health of your plants at risk. If bugs are left unchecked, your plants could eventually die. It’s also important to note that different bugs are attracted to different […]

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