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Potted plant care – get them to bloom

When you display plants and flowers in your house, you will transform it into a home. You will give it that warm and welcoming feel that will delight all occupants and visitors. While fresh flowers will last for a couple of weeks, with proper care, a potted plant can last so much longer. Of course, […]

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Protect plants and flowers from your pets

There are few things worse than bringing home a gorgeous plant only to have it destroyed by your beloved pet just a few days or weeks later. Not only will you be upset over the loss of the plant, but some plants can also harm your pet. Here are some great tips to protect plants […]

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Azalea plant care everyone should know

A happy azalea plant can completely transform any room in your home. The key, just as with any other plant, is to make sure that you meet its basic needs. When you cater to the needs of the plant, you can rest assured that it will certainly thrive. Here are some care tips that you […]

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Anthurium plant care tips and advice

Anthuriums are spectacular plants to behold and they have a wonderful way of brightening up even the dullest of corners. Of course, just like any other houseplant, proper anthurium plant care is essential if you want it to thrive and grow. Here are some important flower facts and details about what this plant needs. About […]

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Office plant care tips to help them thrive

The right office plant can really transform your working environment. Plants are known for improving the quality of the air and they help make workers that much more productive too. The colour green is known for being soothing and it also encourages creativity. Since this can prove to be a rather challenging environment, you will […]

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Top types of flower vases everyone should have

There are different types of vases and each on serves a different purpose. The smaller the vase, the smaller the flower arrangement. The shape of the vase will also influence the way it’s used. When building up your vase collection, there are a few main designs everyone should have. Classic A clear vase with a […]

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Sympathy flower arrangements for acquaintances

It’s difficult enough to find the right sympathy flowers for somebody you know very well. Not to mention an acquaintance. So often, we work with people or we live next to the same neighbours for years but we don’t really get to know them as intimately as we would like. When they pass away, we […]

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Orchid care during the winter months

Your orchid requires care throughout the year. During the cooler months of the year, this care will differ somewhat since weather conditions are different from those of summer. Here are some essential orchid care tips to keep this plant happy even during the coldest of months. Light Once of the most important points regarding orchid […]

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