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Christmas plants to spoil your loved ones

The holiday season is a time when we gather with our loved ones to celebrate love, joy and the spirit of generosity. As we exchange gifts and create memories, it’s important to choose gifts that truly symbolize the essence of this special moment. What better way to pamper your loved ones than with beautiful Christmas […]

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Poinsettia plant care advice

The holidays are just around the corner and the time has come to start planning your holiday decor. One of the most popular decorative accessories for the home is the Christmas star. These unique plants are known and loved for their striking red appearance, but they are also available in white if you prefer. Before […]

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Plant care tips for autumn

The autumn season is wonderfully colourful and wonderfully soft. It’s not too cold or too hot, which is what many of us like. Of course, autumn is also nature’s way of giving us time to prepare for the even colder weather to come. Now is the time to prepare yourself, your home and your plants […]

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Potted lavender care advice

There are few aromas in the world as recognizable as lavender. Lavender not only smells wonderful, but it is also very practical and is often used in teas, foods and to deter insects. Although these plants are usually grown outdoors in the garden, the good news is that you can grow them in your home […]

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Potted plant choices for autumn blooms

We all like to decorate our homes with flowers no matter the season. While some people prefer to get a fresh flower delivery of cut flowers from their local florist, others prefer a potted plant. They enjoy and take pride in caring for the plant and seeing it blossom before their eyes. African violet If […]

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Submerged arrangement design idea

Not all flower arrangements involve the placement of stems in a vase with water or floral foam. There are also some amazing submerged arrangement ideas that can take your flower arranging skills to a whole new level! The best part about these displays is that you can rest assured that your blooms will not dry […]

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Decorate your office with Christmas flowers

When Christmas approaches, you most likely unpack your Christmas tree and all the decorations you’ve collected over the years. When it comes to your office, you don’t have as much space or freedom to decorate as you please. Too many decorations can be a problem since you might not have enough space to do your […]

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Cut flower advice – how to cut stems

Whether you receive a fresh flower bouquet or you want to cut blooms from your garden, it’s important to make sure that you cut flower stems just right. Proper cutting techniques and practices ensure that the flower will last that much longer. Here are some essential tips. Cut at an angle One of the most […]

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