British Flowers Week 2018

This year’s British Florist Week began on 18 June and will continue to wow guests until 24 June. Since the first show in 2013, this event has become increasingly successful. We have the Flower Market at New Covent Garden Market to thank for this beautiful annual event designed to showcase the best Britain has to offer.

One of the main goals of this event is to show off the amazing British flowers and talented British florists. It gives independent florists the opportunity to strut their stuff and show the local and international florist industry just what they are capable of.

Another top priority is to raise awareness about seasonal flowers and when we can expect different British flowers to bloom throughout the year. Knowing when British flowers are in season benefits florists, gardening enthusiasts, and flower lovers alike. It helps everyone make the most of the blooms available and understanding when to plant.

The third and final aim of this event is to encourage the public to choose British flowers. Buying local blooms offers a number of benefits to the consumer as well as those cultivating these amazing blooms. By choosing to buy British flowers, you get the best blooms while supporting local growers. Everybody wins!

Apart from showing your support, you will also notice that British flowers have the most amazing scent, charm, and beauty. There really is no substitute for that just-picked freshness! It’s no wonder the demand for local blooms has increased steadily over the years. When we stop to consider that the British floristry industry is worth £2.2 billion, it’s clear to see just what a demand there is for fresh flowers. The more the industry grows, the greater the demand for quality as well as quantity. If we take a step back in time, it’s interesting to note that, until the 1970s, the only flowers available in Britain were those grown locally. Today, most of the top flower shops have such a large client base that they rely on commercially grown and imported flowers to accommodate the demand. With the support of the British flower industry, this trend is reversing as more and more people demand Britain’s best!

If you have not yet made your way to the event, make sure you do so before British Flower Week comes to an end! Not only will you adore the amazing displays, but your senses will definitely be delighted by the fantastic fragrances. So, set aside some time to enjoy British Flower Week and feel free to chat with some flower experts while you’re at it.