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Birthday blooms for November

The flower associated with the month of November is the beautiful chrysanthemum. These flowers are not only available in various colours and sizes but are also available all year round. These are just two reasons why they make beautiful birthday blooms for November.   Perennial plant This perennial plant produces beautiful flowers associated with love […]

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Seasonal blooms in the month of October

When choosing the perfect bouquet for October, the important thing is to find the prettiest bouquet at the right price. Not all flowers bloom at the same time, which means we have a lovely new variety to choose from every time the weather changes. Of course, there are many types of flowers available all year […]

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October blooms for a special birthday

Each month is associated with a particular flower. The flower of the month of October is the marigold or marigold. These bright, full-looking flowers can be displayed in many ways. These October blooms look great both in the house and in the garden. Wonderful meaning These October blooms are known to send a message of […]

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Birth flower for the month of September

As you may already know, each month is associated with a different beautiful flower. The flower associated with the month of September is the Aster. This beautiful birth flower comes in many shades and can be displayed alone or as flowers as the mass flowers in a larger bouquet. A deeper meaning Asters bloom during […]

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Send flowers to suit their zodiac

You are probably familiar with the different types of zodiac symbols or star signs. Like the number of months in the year, there are twelve, and each is associated with different properties and personality traits. What you may not know, however, is that each zodiac sign is also associated with a flower. What’s better than […]

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Flowers benefit the elderly

There are a lot of things in life that you don’t really think about until you get older.  As lovely as it is to grow in wisdom, experience and knowledge, it’s the wrinkles and frailness that we are less than enthusiastic about.  The one thing that won’t change, however, is that everyone enjoys receiving a […]

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Understanding deadheading and the benefits

For many of us, our desire for fresh flowers is more than fulfilled by a quick trip to our local florist or a few clicks at an online florist. We can collect them in person or we can enjoy the added benefit of having the flower delivery made straight to our door.  Others, when they […]

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Why cacti make an excellent gift

When sending a plant to a loved one or friend, it’s important to consider their preferences as well as their lifestyle. Different kinds of plants require different levels of care and maintenance. Somebody who leads a very busy lifestyle with plenty of work and family commitments, might not necessarily have the time to tend to […]

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