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Birthday blooms perfect for spring

If somebody you care about is celebrating their birthday in the next few weeks and you are looking for the perfect gift, you are in luck. Birthday blooms always make a lovely gift no matter the recipient. Of course, you always want to keep the season in mind and make your choice accordingly. Here are […]

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Why send fresh flowers for every occasion?

When you think about the perfect gift for every occasion, beautiful blooms most certainly come to mind. If you are still wondering, why send fresh flowers? The answer is simple really. A beautiful bouquet has a wonderful way of instantly making somebody smile. It’s joyful effect will last as long as the blooms stay fresh […]

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April birth flower and bouquet ideas

The month of April is upon us and, if you have somebody special celebrating their birthday, you need the perfect gift. What’s better than thoughtful bouquet of fresh blooms? The April birth flower is the daisy which is perfect since spring is well underway. There are a number of different types of daisies from which […]

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Birthday flowers for the perfect party

When celebrating a loved one’s birthday, you want to send the perfect gift. Birthday flowers make a thoughtful gift for all recipients. There are plenty of designs available at your local and online florist. Here are some tips to consider when ordering blooms for a beautiful birthday party. Budget The first thing you need to […]

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Birthday gifts mum will love

If your mother’s birthday is coming up, you need the perfect gift. After everything mum has done and continues to do for you, it is only fitting that she be pampered on her special day each year. Here are some excellent ideas for birthday gifts mum will enjoy. Her favourite flowers Fresh flowers make amazing […]

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Finding fresh flower deals

Throughout the year, we shop for various gifts for various occasions. Both expected and unexpected occasions occur and this means that we can plan for some gifts but not for everything. When a baby arrives early, when a couple gets engaged, or when somebody passes away, you will need to do some quick shopping. Fortunately, […]

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The Classic and Contemporary Rose Plants

Prestige flowers have now introduced the classic and contemporary rose flower collection to their range. Both are now available for UK next day delivery. Both of the rose varieties are stunning, and have a naturally perfumed scent. The classic rose brings in the traditional plant at its best, it is displayed I a beautiful metallic […]

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The effect of that sweet rose perfume

Have you ever received a surprise fresh flower delivery?  You’re at home or work and going about your usual business when you hear somebody at the door.  You are not expecting anyone so it really is a surprise when a bouquet of beautiful of fragrant roses is presented to you.  After signing for the order […]

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