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February Birthday Flowers That Speak Volumes

Every month is graced with unique flowers that carry special meanings and symbolism. If you or a loved one has a birthday in February, why not celebrate with flowers that convey heartfelt sentiments and capture the essence of this beautiful month? In this article, we’ll explore the enchanting world of February birthday flowers and the […]

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January Birthstone flower bouquets

The month of January is graced by the enchanting garnet, a deep red gemstone symbolizing love, passion, and strength. To complement the rich hues of this birthstone, creating a bouquet featuring flowers that harmonize with the garnet colour palette is a delightful way to celebrate January birthdays. In this article, we explore the world of […]

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Affordable blooms for a January birthday

The month of January usually feels like the longest of the year. Many people got overcommitted during the holiday season, which is why January budgets are a little tight. If you know someone who celebrates their birthday during the first month of the year, don’t worry. You don’t need to spend a lot of money […]

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Birthday blooms for November

The flower associated with the month of November is the beautiful chrysanthemum. These flowers are not only available in various colours and sizes but are also available all year round. These are just two reasons why they make beautiful birthday blooms for November.   Perennial plant This perennial plant produces beautiful flowers associated with love […]

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Seasonal blooms in the month of October

When choosing the perfect bouquet for October, the important thing is to find the prettiest bouquet at the right price. Not all flowers bloom at the same time, which means we have a lovely new variety to choose from every time the weather changes. Of course, there are many types of flowers available all year […]

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How did roses become associated with love

When you look at a bunch of red roses, the first thing to come to mind is undoubtedly romance. Occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries usually involve a fresh flower delivery and these flowers are often red roses. In fact, when Valentine’s Day approaches, shops decorate their windows and isles with hearts, cupid-shaped decorations, and […]

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Making the autumn transition in your home

Once summer comes to an end, it’s time to prepare for the cooler temperatures and falling leaves. As the natural décor outside changes, so too should your home décor. Remember, home décor is not limited to the interior of your home and there are a number of ways to achieve the best look. The entrance […]

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Prestige Flowers presents Kate’s Bouquet

In association with Cancer Research UK, Prestige Flowers is proud to present a thoughtful and elegant bouquet designed in loving memory of Kate Guthrie. The devastating struggle of this beautiful young girl and her battle with cancer is the inspiration behind our latest floral addition., Kate’s Bouquet. About Kate Guthrie At just 16 months of […]

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