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Artificial plants and what makes them a great choice

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your home or office but you don’t know how, you should consider adding a few artificial plants. While fresh plants offer a number of benefits, many people don’t realize just how beneficial artificial plants can be too. Here are some of the main advantages of […]

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Silk flowers and how they became popular

When shopping for beautiful blooms, you will have two main choices – fresh or artificial. Silk flowers have a bit of a bad reputation due to some poor-quality products that hit the market years ago. However, this is quickly changing and we have seen an increased demand for quality silk bouquets. If you have ever […]

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Silk flowers and why they make excellent gifts

When shopping for a flower gift, you may come across silk bouquets and arrangements. While some might believe that silk flowers are in some way inferior to fresh blooms, many people have come to realise just how many benefits they have to offer. Here are some reasons why you should consider these floral gifts. Look […]

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Flower shadow box design step by step

Floral art comes in all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular forms comes in the form of the beautiful flower shadow box. Box frames allow you to create a gorgeous 3D design that offers amazing depth. The best part of all is that it is so easy to do yourself with just a […]

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Autumn wreath design step by step

The seasons are changing and autumn is in the air. Now is the time to embrace the season and decorate your home accordingly. There is nothing more appropriate than hanging a gorgeous autumn wreath from your entry door or even in your entrance hall. Not sure how to get started on this flower craft? Here’s […]

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15th wedding anniversary arrangements

After 15 years of marriage, you might not know what to do for your anniversary. Some great ideas include a romantic dinner in or out. You could even take your spouse away for a romantic weekend if your budget allows. If you are not sure about the best gift to give this year, here are […]

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Decorating for your New Year’s Eve party

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated occasions around the world. While some people enjoy celebrating at public or private venues, most people prefer hosting or attending parties at their friends’ or family’s homes. If you are planning on playing host this year, there are a few things you will need to keep […]

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Interesting flower colour combinations

When choosing the colour scheme and décor for your wedding, it’s good to remember that you are not limited to the conventional shades and colour combinations out there. As you browse around, you will notice that there are plenty more wonderful and refreshing combos that will set your wedding apart from the rest. A lemon […]

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