Popular pink blooms

When it comes to fresh flowers for women and girls, pink is the most popular colour. Men might wear pink on occasion but it’s not all that common. When you shop around for fresh flowers, you will notice that your florist has a number of pink blooms from which to choose. The season usually determines when each of these flowers will be in season.

One of the most popular blooms of all time is the rose. Roses are available in several colours including a number of shades of pink. Different types of roses are available in different shades of the same colour. So, when you are looking for a specific shade, you should ask your florist to recommend a particular rose. You could also consider mixing it up by including more than one type of rose in your pink bouquet.

The carnation is another top choice when it comes to pink blooms. They are particularly popular for Mother’s Day and they are known for being reasonably priced and they last remarkably long as cut flowers too. When women wear pink carnations on Mother’s Day, it’s a way of honouring your mother if she is still with you. For mothers who have passed away, their daughters wear a white carnation instead. Carnations are also sent for Mother’s Day as a meaningful way to say thank you to mum for all her love and support over the years.

Stargazer lilies are not completely pink but they are perfect for that special lady in your life. They have a combination of pink and white petals. You need only add a bit of foliage and you will have a spectacular bouquet. These flowers are large and they have a lovely scent. The one thing that people worry about is the pollen. Fortunately, you can ask your florist to remove the pollen so that it does not make a mess.

Some of the other pink flowers available include tulips, peonies, and various types of daisies. Pink bouquets look lovely when they consist of a single type of flower or when you use several types together. Remember that each flower sends a message so if you want to send a specific message to the recipient, ask your florist for expert advice.