Ravishing red blooms

Of all the colours available, when it comes to fresh flowers, red is one of the most popular of all. Many different types of flowers are available in red and some of them are perfect for bouquets while others are best for gardens or balconies. If you are trying to choose red flowers for yourself or a loved one, here are some ideas.

Red roses are the number one choice when it comes to a romantic bouquet. This is because they are the symbol of deep and passionate love. So, if you want to spoil your Valentine or make your anniversary extra special, send a bouquet of red roses!

Red tulips and red carnations are also popular options when you want to show somebody special that you love them. They are excellent alternatives if you are on a tight budget but they will still look beautiful and elegant.

Chrysanthemums are available in several colours including red. They are excellent as mass flowers in an arrangement because they offer plenty of texture and they are fairly large in size. Gerbera daisies are also larger, flat flowers that add bright colour and they are great for making an impression. They can be enjoyed on their own or added to a mixed gerbera bouquet.

Some other red blooms that you may love include calla lilies, freesia, and even some kinds of orchids. Hibiscus is a great addition to your garden and it is sure to brighten things up and attract even more life to your garden.

Ranunculus are becoming increasingly popular. They have a similar appearance as roses and they are just as luxurious. For something a bit more exotic, why not choose anthuriums? They are fascinating flowers with a glossy texture. Other options when it comes to red blooms include dahlias, peonies, and freesia, to name a few. If you are trying to achieve a particular visual effect, let your florist know and they will help you choose the best red blooms for you.