How To Make Cut Roses Last Longer

Roses are one of the most popular flowers to send for a number of different occasions.  They are most popular for days such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays and even Mother’s Day for those who have sent enough carnations in the past.  Roses might not last as long as other flowers such as orchids but they certainly shouldn’t perish in just a matter of days.  Of course, there are always things that you can do to ensure maximum results from you fresh bouquet.  By treating your flowers right, you will be able to keep them on display for quite a bit longer.

Pink Rose


You will need:

– A clean vase

– Floral preserve

– A bucket

– A sharp pair of scissors


– When your roses first arrive from the florist or flower shop, you must place it in some lukewarm

water immediately.  So, instead of just placing them directly in a vase, rather put them in a

bucket of warm water first.

– You can now prepare the vase.  Make sure that it is clean and then you can add some warm

water.  Add the floral preserve to the water and, once dissolved, you can begin adding the


– It is important to remember not to add too much water to the vase.  Not only is it wasteful

since flowers only absorb water through the bases of their stems but the more plant material

that you submerge, the larger the surface area you create on which bacteria can grow.  This

is also the reason for removing excess leaves.

– Take each stem out of the bucket one at a time.  As you do this, remove any excess leaves

and trim the stems.  When trimming the stems, it is very important that you use a sharp pair

of scissors or cutting tool.  You don’t want to crush or damage the stems in any way as this

will shorten the lifespan of the cut roses.  Also, make sure that you cut the roses at an angle.

This is so that you can create a larger surface area for absorption and so that the stem won’t

end up laying flat against the bottom of the vase.

– Another tip to remember is to trim the stems under water.  That way, when you do, no air

bubbles can get trapped inside the stem.  Air bubble will simply slow down the stem’s

ability to absorb water.

– Many people neglect the important fact that you need to put cut flowers on display in an area

that is suitable.  This means that the sun should not shine directly on the flowers, the area

should not be drafty and the bouquet should be kept as far away from air conditioners, heaters

and fire places as possible.

– Maintain your bouquet by changing the water every few days and, when you do, make sure that

you add more floral food to the fresh water.  You should also inspect the stems every time you

change the water and, if necessary, give them a trim.  If you notice any flowers perishing,

remove them immediately.