Planter makeover: How to give an old planter a new look

Many of us have old planters tucked away somewhere where they are gathering dust and going to waste. The good news is that you can give your planters a new look in just a few simple steps and with some basic supplies. Here is an easy planter makeover that will give your potted plants a beautiful new home.

Supplies for your planter makeover:

  • An old planter of your choice
  • Gold or silver foil (based on preference)
  • Hole puncher to cut foil into the desired shape and size
  • Liquid glue (mod podge is great)
  • Paint brush

Steps to follow:

  • Before you can begin with your planter makeover, you need to make sure that your planter is not cracked or damaged.
  • When choosing your planter, make sure that you choose one that is not already decorated and it is best in a neutral colour.
  • Now you should take the time to clean your planter thoroughly and make sure that it is completely dry before you continue.
  • Now, use your large hole puncher or another cutting tool to cut out the shapes that you would like to decorate your planter.
  • Use your paintbrush to apply some glue to the back of your foil shapes.
  • Stick them onto your planter and gently press the entire surface of the foil shape onto your planter. You can even use the flat side of your fingernail to press the shapes firmly into place.
  • Apply as many of the foil shapes until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before you put your freshly redecorated planter to use.

Remember, foil is not the only option for your planter makeover. You can use just about any type of paper or fabric you like. If you like, you can even decorate your planter according to the colour scheme and decorative theme of the room. You may even find that these designs will make amazing gifts for your friends and family.