Christmas décor and how long it should hang around

When you take a look around, it seems like each year we start decorating for Christmas even earlier! While many people don’t have much to say about when to start decorating, there have been disagreements regarding just how long you should hang on to your Christmas décor. Here are some interesting arguments.

Are you superstitious?

Many traditions stem from superstition and Christmas décor is no exception. It is believed that decorations should be taken down on the Twelfth Night. This is said to be on the 5th of January. If they are removed before or after this date, is is considered to be unlucky. That said, due to work schedules and school starting after the holidays, many people choose to take down their decorations before returning to work.

The Twelfth Night

There is a disagreement regarding the Twelfth Night and, for this reason, some people take down their Christmas décor on the 5th and others on the 6th. According to Christian tradition, Jesus was born on 25 December. However, the three wise men did not make it to him until the 6th of January. It is believed that if we take down our Christmas decorations before this day, the wise men will not longer make it to baby Jesus because the Christmas lights represent the Star of Bethlehem.

Why it is unlucky

The 5th of January is considered to be the final day of Christmas festivities and, therefore, the final day on which we display our Christmas décor. Many years ago, it was believed that tree-spirits lived in greenery like ivy and holly which was used to decorate our homes even then. During the festive season, these spirits enjoyed the shelter of our homes but they needed to be released after Christmas. If this was not done according to tradition, the greenery used to decorate these homes would not grow again the following year and this would cause great agricultural difficulties for the community.

Remember, when taking down your Christmas décor, be sure to store it in a safe and dry place. Plastic tubs are ideal because they protect against moisture and hungry critters. You should keep them as cool as possible but not too cold and, if you have any artificial flowers or wreaths, make sure that they are properly dusted before you wrap them up for the next year.