Birth flower for the month of April

Each month of the year is associated with its very own flower. April is somewhat of an exception since there are two flowers associated with this month – the daisy and sweet peas. Both of these flowers are incredibly beautiful and perfect for this time of the year.

Daisies represent purity and loyal love. They are fairly simple flowers and they are the perfect floral representation of feminine beauty. It’s also good to note that there are a number of flowers that form part of the daisy family. So, if you want to send flowers to somebody for their birthday in April, you have plenty of daisy flower and colour options from which to choose.

As for sweet peas, these gorgeous flowers symbolise blissful pleasure. They can, however, also send the message of farewell which means that they can be used to celebrate an April birthday or as farewell flowers.

Remember, when you send birthday flowers to somebody special, you don’t need to stick to these two options. You can use daisies as part of a mixed flower arrangement for instance. Think about sending a bunch of roses and adding a few chrysanthemums as mass flowers and daisies as fillers. This is just one great example and you can combine just about any non-exotic flowers with daisies to give the bunch a fuller appearance.

When ordering birthday flowers, no matter the date, it’s also important to consider adding extras to your flower order. For example, does the recipient have a suitable vase? If not, ask your florist to add one to the order. You can also add things like a birthday cake, chocolates, a stuffed animal, or bottle of wine if you like. Think about what the recipient will enjoy the most and add it to your shopping cart.