Pink flowers for every occasion

Pink is one of the most popular colours associated with girls and women. Sure, men can wear what’s known as “salmon” shirts these days, but pink generally really suits women better. When you visit your florist and ask about pink flowers, you probably end up with so many options that you hardly know what to choose. This is especially true when you plan to send a bouquet to a special woman in your life.


One of the most popular flowers on the world market, if not the most important, is the rose. Roses come in different varieties and colours. Luckily for you, pink is one of them! Now, as the types of roses vary, so do their shades of pink. You cannot expect all roses to have exactly the same shades and colours. Also remember that it can seem simple to look for flowers online and tell your florist the name of the flowers you want. However, not all types of roses will always be available. It’s best to bring a few rose names with you when you visit your florist, but also be open to professional advice from the florist. They may, after all, have some amazing pink flowers that you didn’t even know about!


Another one of the most popular pink flowers, especially on Mother’s Day, is the carnation. Carnations are generally popular because they are reasonably priced and are one of the most long-lasting types of cut flowers. Many years ago, a fad began that included carnations. On Mother’s Day, women wore a pink carnation in honour of their mother if she was still alive, and if she had passed away already, they wore a white one. Therefore, a bouquet of pink carnations is a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day.


While not completely pink in colour, stargazer lilies are absolutely stunning. With its pink and white petals, just a touch of greenery and your bouquet is complete. Stargazers are also big, so it only takes a few to create a full arrangement of white and pink flowers. They have enough pollen which can cause confusion and irritate allergies. However, the pollen is removed easily and by doing so the lifespan of the flowers also increases.

Along with the flowers mentioned above, popular pink flowers include peonies and tulips. However, they are much more delicate and probably won’t last as long as roses and carnations. However, they are the perfect gift for those who prefer more delicate flowers. You can choose to keep it simple and use just one type of these flowers or you can mix and match them. A bouquet with a variety of flowers of the same colour is very popular.