How to perk up drooping hydrangeas

As the name suggests, hydrangeas are a thirsty bunch. Their stems are able to absorb water and nutrients at a highly rapid rate which is why you will probably notice that your vase will need topping up more frequently than a bunch of roses, for example. The one point that cause people to feel a bit concerned about is the fact that they are somewhat more susceptible to wilting than certain other flowers.
Now, the wilting can be the result of more than one cause. Firstly, if hydrangeas don’t get enough water, they will wilt and perish prematurely. So, the first thing you can do is make sure that you water your hydrangeas frequently. Every time you change the water in the vase, take the time to clean and rinse the vase thoroughly.


When you change the water, take the time to inspect the bottoms of each stem. If you notice that the stems are slimy or don’t look quite right, you should trim them. Bacteria loves making itself at home on the ends of cut stems. By cutting the stems, you create a new surface area and this improves absorption. In addition, if you cut the stem at an angle, you also increase the surface area of the bottom of the stem and thereby also increase the rate of absorption.


If you notice your hydrangeas start to wilt, you should place them in fresh water and cut the stems. Remember to use a sharp pair of scissors so that you do not crush the stems. Feel free to give them a light spray with fresh cool water as well. If they refuse to perk up and you notice them deteriorate further, then it might be time to remove the dying flowers from the bunch before they affect the rest.


Another reason for wilting hydrangeas is the sheer weight of the flowers. While they might look like one large flower at the end of each stem, they are in fact clusters of smaller flowers all grouped together. The weight of the flowers can become too much for the stem. If you want to offer your hydrangeas some extra support, you can use any one of several techniques to reinforce the stems. Weather you use wire or skewers, make sure that you conceal the support with some green floral tape so that your arrangement still looks as natural as it should.