How to make Perfect Potpourri with your flowers

Potpourri is a very popular fragrance that people keep in their homes to keep them smelling sweet and relaxing. If after you’ve ordered flowers they have died and you think they were a bit of a waste there are many things you can do to make them last. Here I am going to tell you how to make Potpourri.

  1. Collect the ingredients you want for the potpourri: If the flower which you’re using hasn’t got much colour then you can augment the petals with other plants when making this homemade potpourri. Flower petals from different types of flowers work well together and you can add herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage. To get a warm, spicier types of scent then add cinnamon, clove and star anise.
  2. Spread the dead flowers out so that they can dry: Once you have gathered all the ingredients you are going to use for the potpourri you then need to dry them thoroughly to prevent the growth of mold. Flowers and herbs in varying degrees of freshness can be laid out in a single, loose layer on a baking sheet. Do not let them touch. If you do require a larger space then use a newspaper or place them on a counter. Make sure the surface you use in completely smooth.
  3. Now place the dead flowers in a suitable location for drying: To dry the ingredients without rotting they should be placed in a dry, dark, cool and well ventilated location. The ventilation is key as it is crucial to remove moisture from the flowers and mitigating bacterial and fungus growth. Most flowers and herbs will be dry and ready to go after about two weeks if they are placed in the correct location.
4. Mix the pot-pourri together: Once the potpourri has dried, place the flower petals and herbs into a large mixing bowl. To increase the fragrance you will need to add essential oils to the mixture.
5. Allow mixture to sit for 6 weeks: Place the mixture into a mixture jar or paper bag and let it sit for 6 weeks. Shake the container each day. This will allow the oils to become absorbed in the flowers and herbs.
6. Add more flowers and herbs to the display: After 6 weeks, your potpourri is ready. Add more flowers petals and herbs to give it volume and substance. The potpourri can be placed in a decorative bowl or stitched into small sachets for keeping the closet or car fresh.