Organic flowers

With so many florists and stores selling flowers, it’s understandable why most people don’t consider buying organic flowers.  When you visit the grocery store, however, you look for the healthiest options.  Why should choosing flowers be any different?  Whether you want to send flowers to a friend or buy them for your own home, organic flowers offer many advantages.  More and more people are realizing just how important it is for our health and environment.


Most cultivated flowers are sprayed with all sorts of chemicals and pesticides.  The problem with this is that, although it may keep away the bugs, it has a way of getting into water supplies and ultimately our bodies.  When you make flower products like rose water or jam, it is suggested that you use organic flowers so that the chemicals don’t get into your food.  These chemicals have been associated to an increased risk in cancer so, for health reasons, it’s best to avoid them.  Especially in your cooking.  Chemicals also have an effect on the environment by damaging the ozone and chemicals also evaporate and fall back down to the earth’s surface as rain or other forms of precipitation.


So, it’s rather obvious how consumers are affected by these chemicals.  However, many people don’t stop to think of the effect they have on the flower growers.  Imagine a large enclosure, completely seeled and filled with flowers.  Now, if these flowers are grown non-organically, this would mean that they are all sprayed with pesticides.  When they are sprayed with these pesticides, the chemicals drift into the air and are inhaled by the workers.  Not only that, they also settle in the material of the workers’ clothes. Those workers then go home to their families who are further affected by these chemicals.


Instead of using chemicals, organic flower farmers use more workers to care for their plants.  These workers watch closely over the plants and remove unwanted bugs by hand.  Some also use a method called companion planting to naturally protect their precious crops.  Organic flower growing methods are not only good for those cultivating on a large scale, but also for everyone growing those special blooms at home.  By using organic methods, your garden will be safer for you, your family and pets too.  By opting for an organic flower delivery, you are also showing some more consideration for the recipient.  This way, when they settle their noses in to absorb the bouquet’s perfume, they won’t be inhaling all those horrid chemicals.


At the end of the day, organic flowers are more expensive but it is understandable.  They have to employ more workers to care for them and this is one of the reasons why they cost the consumer a little more.  There’s a lot more time, effort and care involved but the quality makes it worth while.  By avoiding harmful substances, you are also showing the recipient some special consideration for their well-being.