Titanic 2 – Flowers to be accurate to those used 100 years ago

Just weeks after the anniversary of the sinking of the legendary Titanic, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has announced that he has commissioned a Chinese Ship yard to build an exact replica of the luxury Liner. Named Titanic 2, it will be exact to every detail including 9 decks and the 840 bedrooms that made up the original. The only difference being that it will not be coal powered but will use fuel unlike the original. It will be an extraordinary experience for passengers boarding the Vessel which is set to make its maiden voyage from England to New York in 2016.

The ship will have all the elegance and detail as the original even down to the choice of flowers. On the original Titanic the first class cabins had fresh flowers every day placed in the rooms along the mantel piece by the maids. The suites had fresh white roses and pink carnations. The suites with a private promenade deck also received fresh poppies and daffodils at breakfast. The daffodils were in season in April, when the Titanic made her maiden voyage, so they were quite popular on board.

The regular first class cabins had carnations only. In the first class dining area, floral displays were used to decorate the desert trays, these were usually freesias with the roses eelgant placed around decorative green foliage. Each table would again have carnations with decorative plumes of greenery and daffodils to satisfy the wealthy passengers.  The second class cabins were not given fresh flowers however the dining room had an array of flowers along the windows and tables. Due to space, the flowers that were kept in the ships’ fridge were mainly for the first class passengers.

Palmer will go all out and replicate every detail right down the flower choice on board the great ship. This news has sparked great excitement with Titanic enthusiasts around the globe.