Order flowers in bud form

Whenever you order flowers, it’s important to make sure that you are getting the best value for money. This means that quality is essential. Before you place your order, you will need to make sure that the florist you choose sends flowers in bud form. This ensures that they will last longer and you will get the most out of your order. If you are wondering what to expect during the first week of your flowers arriving, here’s a day by day guide.

Day 1:

Once you order flowers, you will be able to select a delivery date. When they arrive in partial bud form, you need to remove any packaging materials, trim the stems and place the in fresh water right away. Hydration is key if you want them to open up and thrive over the next few days.

Day 2:

The second day after you order flowers, you will notice that the blooms will start to loosen up a little and gently start to open. Check the water level and quality in the vase. At this stage, the water should still be perfectly clean and should not require changing just yet.

Day 3:

On the third day, you might still have a few buds in the bouquet that have not yet opened. For the most part, however, all of your blooms should be open which means that your bouquet will be beautiful and abundant. As some of the flowers perish, the buds that took longer to open will keep your bouquet looking its best.

For the next few days, you will enjoy the beauty of these blooms as they continue to boast their gorgeous petals. If you are happy with the bouquet that you received, then this is all the more reason to order flowers from the same reputable florist in the future.