Get Children Interested in Gardening

The Royal Horticultural Society is a well known and well respected organisation in the gardening world. They are currently running a campaign to get children gardening in schools and they currently almost 16000members and have got an incredible 5000 schools gardening so far.

Now they have got schools creating gardens up and down the country they want to start encouraging children to grow at home with their families. They especially want children to understand the experience of hard work and the rewards they get for it.

Gardening in a great way to exercise and a great way to get all the family involved in something together. The RHS has open day garden shows to help families begin their gardening careers. These are based in four counties around the UK; North Yorkshire, Essex, Surrey and Devon. There will be gardening experts on hand at each event to answer any questions that curious families have about anything from flowers that can be grown in gardens at home too how to protect their flowers from insects that could damage them.

Most people think a garden is a basic lawn, some potted flowers and a greenhouse. However with the help of the RHS the garden of all families young and old can become something special. You can have different themed gardens based on films, sport or different cultures from around the world. Children can become a great part of this as it will help them understand nature and will have them have a greater respect for living things and for the people who put in the hard work of gardening for a living to provide people with entertainment, exercise and food.

Flowers of all kinds can be grown in gardens all around the UK and all equipment and plants can be bought at local garden centres.

As well as flowers being grown families can also designed and make their own vegetable patch which can grow all sorts of vegetables from potatoes to turnips. One good reason for families to be encouraged to grow their own vegetables is the tough economic times that are currently gripping our nation and the world. The satisfaction of eating your own hand grown vegetables is also a very good reason to get children and parents gardening now.