Orange blooms for your summer wedding

When planning a wedding, it’s often fun, exciting, and also stressful. However, before you let the stress get the better of you, try to focus on the excitement of sharing this important day with all of your loved ones. One of the most important choices you will need to make is the kind of flowers to use when decorating. Orange is a stunning and bright colour perfect for a late summer wedding. As we approach the end of these warmer months, you will notice that your florist has an abundance of flowers in stock and there are plenty of orange options too. Even if you don’t want a completely orange theme, you could still include orange flowers in your mixed bouquets and they will take the event to a whole new level.

Alstromeria is a lovely bloom that can be used to decorate each guest’s seat at the ceremony. It can also be used in bouquets and table arrangements or even a romantic arch. There are so many lovely ways to use this flower. Similar in appearance and colour to the asiatic lily, alstromeria will add colour, class, and texture to any arrangement.

If you want something a little different for your boutonni√®res, you could opt for snapdragons. They are impressive and bright which makes them extremely eyecatching. You can also add them to the bride’s bouquet in order to complement the groom’s boutonni√®re. They are available in various colours including orange.

Zinnias are available in various sizes and shapes. They are also available in several shades of orange so it will be easy to find the perfect bloom for your big day. Whether you prefer darker or lighter shades, you won’t be disappointed with zinnias. Some of them even include more than one shade of orange in a single flower! These are sure to impress your guests.

As for the conventional approach, there are always roses, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies. You don’t need to stick to one type of flower when it comes to your wedding. Instead, consider adding several types of blooms and even different colours to make each arrangement a masterpiece. If you are not sure about the best colour combinations, ask your florist for their professional advice.